Introducing Plain Drain

Our meeting has officially “adopted” a Memphis storm water drain!

In an effort to reduce the debris being dumped into our rivers, the City of Memphis Storm Water Program has asked individuals and organizations to adopt and name a storm drain.  We answered the call.   

Our adopted drain is at the corner of Walnut Grove and Prescott (on the Prescott side of our property). 

It has been named and labeled “Plain Drain.”

The City of Memphis has 56,000 storm water drains.  What goes into these drains ends up in our rivers. 

Some time ago, after consideration at Meeting for Business, in conjunction with our House and Grounds Committee, and in keeping with our Testimony of Stewardship, our Meeting decided to adopt a storm drain. In the adoption process, we were asked to select a name for our drain. We chose to eschew several of the first and most obvious names that came to mind – the Urbane Drain, the Arcane Drain, or perhaps the Profane Drain. In keeping with our Friends’ Testimony of Simplicity, we selected “Plain Drain.” The city has placed a name tag on our drain. Check it out the next time you are at the Meeting House! If you would like to help clean and maintain the drain, please let us know!

Thank you, Friends!