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Colorful Spices By Carol  December is a festive month full of color. Even as the orange and yellow leaves of autumn are falling to the ground, we begin to think of Christmas reds and greens as we decorate our houses inside and out. The other day in worship I began to wonder about pairing our six testimonies with the six colors…

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Greetings, Friends We collected 21 Thanksgiving  baskets for the New Tyler AME Food Pantry this year.  This surpassed our goal of 20 baskets.  Thanks to all who participated.   The baskets were delivered to the Food Pantry yesterday  morning.  Aiding me in the delivery were Schleppers Extraordinaire Kali and Shahin. Each basket included a Thanksgiving card signed by many of our…

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On My Own By David C. Since my illness last fall, I have relied on others to watch over me and make sure I don’t fall, but when Quaker Earthcare Witness scheduled their fall meetings at the Quaker retreat center at Pendle Hill, I felt ready to strike out on my own. All went well….

Voyage of the Merry Ark by Grider and Grider Jr.

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A local friend known to many Memphis Friends, George Grider Jr., has a new book out, Voyage of the Merry Ark. The memoir tells the remarkable story of five crewmen caught in an ocean storm that nearly took their lives. The story of the at-sea rescue of the dog Sam, the ship’s mascot, was published nationwide, sparking…

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Ted’s Meeting for Learning on 10/15 was grounded in several queries: How can dwelling in “unsettling places” create conditions for the still small voice to surface?What are the things that haunt us? What forms do these hauntings take?What do our ghosts want from us?Who are the ghosts present in our midst who can support our journeys? In…

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