April MFM News – A Sampling

Friend Pat Stone Jessup

Patricia Stone Jessup passed away in the early hours of March 13. A lifelong Quaker, Pat had attended a Quaker Church in North Carolina as a child and was a faithful attender at our meeting for three decades. In her early days with us she led several seminars that met every Sunday evening for about six weeks on bible study or prayer. She was active with our food ministries, held us very intentionally in the Light, and made us a quilt which hangs in our committee room. Her last meeting with us was the day in March 2020 when in-person meetings were stopped for the duration of the pandemic. During those years we tried to keep in touch through visits and phone calls and mailing her this newsletter. We heard from a neighbor that since a fall a few weeks ago she’d been under the care of Methodist Hospice. At meeting for worship on March 17th a photo of Pat was placed in the chair in the corner where she always sat and we shared some memories at the rise of meeting.